Thám tử  Phi Thường – The Prodigy 2005

Đạo diễn: William Kaufman,

Diễn viên: Holt Boggs, Glen Vorhis, Matt Beckham, Diana Lee Inosanto, Mirelly Taylor, Lawrence Varnado, Marc Hébert, Marc Jeffreys, Jay Moses, Tery Corkran, Dameon Clarke, Gabriel Buentello, Mark Hanson, Jimmy Costello, Ivan Melgarejo, Ron Balicki, Steve Simpson, Christie Sanders, Aaron Garrett, Joshua David Jordan, Michael Rodriguez, Russell White, Lorenzo Mercado, Christian Craft, Robin Robinson, Willie Laureano, Michael J. O’Laskey I, Benjamin D. Bennett, Larry Dubose, Sean Jackson, Peter Cook, Jill Cook,

Sản xuất: Đang cập nhật,

Thể loại: Trinh Thám,

Quốc gia: Châu Mỹ,

Thời lượng: 120 m

Năm phát hành: 2005

Nội dung:

“The Prodigy” tells the story of small-time enforcer Truman Fisher’s vicious conflict with a sadistic assassin who has chosen the unwilling Truman to be his successor. The assassin, who goes by the alias Rains and whose exploits have become the source of legend among Truman’s underworld colleagues, drives Truman, through the pressure of constant violence and grief, to understand his own capacity for both bloodshed and compassion. Ultimately this reveals to Truman that he as with all of us, must find our place in this world or as Rains would say “our place in this grand design.” This action begins quickly as Truman meets with a turncoat from a rival gang. This tense showdown erupts quickly into mayhem, when Rains makes his unexpected entrance. In the wake of the ensuing bloodbath, Truman is forced to reevaluate his own role in the small, violent world he inhabits…


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